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School of Performing Arts
35 Avodale Rd, Greyville, Durban, 4091

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History of project

Dancekool S.A intially started as Rajiv Mothie Dance Institute in 2005. Classes where held once a week in the Chastworth region which is the heart of the Indian Community in KZN. The Dance Institute specialised in Bollywood Dance & took an instant rise to the top from starting with 13 students & grew constantly every year. With time Mothie has grown strength to strength and is now the C.E.O of Dancekool S.A the future of dancing in SOuth Africa specilising for all cultural backgrounds.He is now affiliated with various TV/Film production houses & has decided to take Dancekool S.A to a different level.

Message from Rajiv Mothie - C.E.O Dancekool S.A

It is my utmost pleasure to welcome every user to this website. You are currently viewing what I call the Institute in which stars are born....

School of Performing Arts is a concept that brings toghther the diverse culutre of South Africa & allows all individuals to come together and share 1 platform. I have been in the industry for over 10years and being exposed to it as youngster I know very well that the road to fame is bumpy one but extremely fulling. The greatest gratication for me is seeing the talent of a young kid performing his heart out on stage, "feeling & knowing he is the best". At Dancekool that is our primary focus developing leaders and groom the youth with confidence combined with talent. Our motto in class amoungst all instructors & pupils is when you out there you are the best...Feel It, Live & Enjoy It....

I personally take this pleasure of welcoming everyone of you to Dancekool S.A and believe that if you have the passion to fullfill your dreams in the entertainment field School of Performing Arts is for you.

We have an array of different instructors & courses to suit your style.I personally look forward to meeting everyone of you...

Checkout this website for more details....

Yours in Truly in Film, T.V & Entertainment

Rajiv Mothie


Dancekool offers a variety of dance styles and genre including Hip-Hop, Modern Indian, Aerobics, Contemp and Funk and is the future of South African entertainment.

Photo Gallery: Rajiv Mothie